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        Electronic testing instruments and equipment
        research and development, production and sales
        Notice >
        Baoding city jinke hui electronics co., LTD. Is a manufacturer specializing in electric power, railway
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        About JINKEHUI
          Baoding Jinke Hui Electronics Co., Ltd.located in baoding city hi-tech development zone, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in electric power system testing instruments equipment research and development, production, sales.
          The company has strong technical force,research and development of a series of power system testing equipment. Advanced production, experiment, testing equipment,
        a sound management system, the force in creating a high-quality professional technical and management team.
          The company's products all use microprocessor as control core, the application of electronic testing theory advanced, fully in line with national standards.All products have been undergo a large number of scientific experiments, strict process control, and constantly improve the quality of the inspection, truly excellence, meticulous.

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        JINKEHUI Product
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